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SXUK Chapel

The Chapel of ST. XAVIER'S UNIVERSITY, Kolkata is situated on the first floor of Britto House, the Jesuit Residence of the University. The altar is aesthetically designed :

  1. On the right side of the altar is a reproduction of the Creation of Adam, a fresco masterpiece by Michelangelo, painted c1508-1512, which adorns the ceiling of Sistine Chapel, Vatican City;
  2. On the left is a depiction of the City of Jerusalem with a holy view of Calvary and divine rays gracing the site of Crucifixion;
  3. At the centre is the Statue of the risen Lord, the Father's own rays emanating from his Son's body- the Son in whose countenance the Almighty Father shines.
  4. Near the entrance to the Chapel is a Crucifixion of Indian Jesus who manifests Himself as a Farmer.
  5. The colourful stained glass windows with pictures of saints including Mother Mary and Joseph add beauty and splendour to the chapel.

The art work was done by Mr. Robin James and co. of Krishnagar, West Bengal, India.

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SXUK Chapel

SXUK Chapel Pictures

SXUK Chapel

SXUK Last Supper

SXUK Pieta

St. Ignatius of Loyola Marble Statue at SXUK

St. Francis Xavier Marble Statue at SXUK