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Susai Award with the picture - Mr. S.A. Susai, Father of Fr. Felix Raj

Mrs. Kitheriammal has established theSUSAI AWARDin the year of the Lord, 2010 in memory of her husband, Late S.A. Susai , an Educator. Mr. S.A. Susai was a dedicated and committed teacher of St. Michael’s school, Sengudi, for many years.

The first Susai Award was presented on September 20, 2010, the thirteenth death anniversary of Mr. Susai. It consisted of three cash prizes to three Class X students of St. Michael’s School, Sengudi, on the basis of their academic performance in the final Board Examinations.

First Prize: Rs. 10, 000/-
Second Prize: Rs. 8, 000/-
Third Prize: Rs. 6, 000/-

The purpose of the award is to encourage the students of the school to work hard and perform well in their studies. It is an incentive to look forward to. It is a financial support to the achievers to pursue their studies further.

The award has also been extended to Class XII students from 2012. Three prizes are given on the basis of merit with the same amount as in the case of Class X.

The Award presentation is held on September 20 (Death Anniversary) every year at the School premises. The school authorities organize the ceremony at around 11.00 am. The function is followed by distribution of snacks to all students. The staff of the school are offered a lunch on the occasion. All the expenses for the function namely, decoration, organizational work, snacks, lunch etc are borne by Mrs. Kitheriammal and her children.

The Parish Priest of Sengudi and the Village president are invited for the function. Mrs Kitheriammalgives away the awards. In her absence, her son, Fr. J. Felix Raj, SJ does the honour. A eulogy of Mr. S. A. Susai will be read out.

Sr. Headmistress of the St. Michael’s School furnishes the names and other details of the three award recipients to Ms S. Jothi teacher, R.S. Mangalam and to Fr. J. Felix Raj, SJ. Letters of congratulation and invitations are sent to the student recipients and their parents.

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Mr. S.A. Susai

Father's Parents

Susai, My Father

Father with his mother, sisters and priests on Sr. Mary Mercy's silver jubilee

Father with his nieces

Father with his parents, sister Soumya and Cheryl

Father with his sister and family

Father with his parents, brother and sister in 1976

Father with students

Father with students

Sr. Baby with Mother

Father at Sengudi School

Father at Sengudi School

Father with his Mother

Father with his Mother, brother and Sisters

Father with RS Mangalam children

Father with RS Mangalam students

Father with Sister's family

James and family with Mother

Jothi, Melwin with Mother

Mary, Rayar with Mother

Sr. Rani with Mother