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Services & Initiatives

1. All India Catholic University Federation (AICUF):
AICUF is a University Students’ Movement which was started in 1924 by the Jesuits. Dr. Raj joined the All India Catholic University Federation in 1977 while studying at Loyola College, Madras and has been associated with it since. Raj took over as the State Adviser to Bengal AICUF unit in 1989 and stirred up the spirit and revitalized the movement in Bengal and at St. Xavier’s College. Hundreds of students benefited from the leadership training programmes and camps organized under his mentorship.

2. The Goethals Indian Library and Research Society (GILRS):
As the Director and secretary of the Goethals Indian Library and Research Society since 1996, Raj undertook a major renovation to help the users He modernized the facilities. The library contains a collection of 18,663 volumes of books and periodicals. About 50 manuscripts of the Bengal Mission historian, Fr. H. Hosten, are stored, besides a few of Fr. W. Wallace and the pioneering educationist and Indologist, BrahmabandhavUpadhyay. It has now been designated as a Research and Reference Library. Those interested may visit the website: www.goethals.in

3. Bengal Economic Association (BEA):
Dr. Raj joined the Bengal Economic Association (BEA) in 2002, and was its secretary from 2005 to 2011, and its vice-president from 2011 to 2015. Besides strengthening the Association with the cooperation of Prof. Alok Ghosh and Prof. Raj Kumar Sen, he contributed research articles in the Association’s referred journal, ArthaBikshan. He also organized two international conferences asit’s secretary and represented the Association in the International Economic Association.

4. Snegam Social Welfare and Resource Society:
In 2005, Dr. Raj and a group of his former students created an NGO, called Snegam Social Welfare & Resource Society, whose mission was to promote quality education and bring about an educational revolution in a country where 24% of the population lives below the poverty line, 26% still not literate and another 100 million children do not go to school. It is his mission to motivate this effort into a movement against illiteracy and poverty.

It has seven centers, three of which are situated in the urban slums and four in villages. Snegam has directly benefitted almost 1200 children since 1996, and provided financial assistance to economically challenged students in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu.Fr. Raj is the inspiration behind this organization. His initiative in the field of social work has left remarkable and indelible impact on the less privileged and marginalized sections of society.

5. International Institute of Development Studies, Kolkata
Dr. Raj was a trustee of The International Institute for Development Studies, popularly known as IIDS. It is an international centre for development studies since 1989, involved in multicounty- disciplinary research with its Head Office in Calcutta, India.

He organized an international conference on 27–28 November 2004, on TEN YEARS OF WTO AND TOWARDS AN ASIAN UNION, at Aquinas College, Colombo, Sri Lanka. The papers presented at the Conference have been collated and published in a book form, WTO and Asian Union, edited by Dr. Raj Kr Sen and Dr. J. Felix Raj.

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Father Felix Raj with Snegam Members

Father and his friend from USA withthe...

Village children performing a dance during a programme.

Father in a Snegam programme in Debipur village.

Snegam work at Debipur, South 24 Parganas...

Snegam work at Debipur, South 24 Parganas...

Snegam celebrates its Founder's day every year...

Father with the alumni

Fr. Felix Raj philonthrophy works

Fr. Felix Raj receiving alumni award

Father turns 60

Alumni celebration

The Sengudi Church, Father used to go for Mass...

Father Felix Raj with his Mother, brother and Sisters

Father Felix Raj and his brother with Gurap children