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Dr. Felix Raj has authored and co-authored twelve books and has written numerous articles in journals, magazine and newspapers:
Relevance of Christianity in India Today (ed.), (1986) Jnana Deepa Vidyapeeth, Pune.
Memories of a Movement – AICUF in West Bengal 1948–1996, (1996) AICUF Publications, Kolkata.
Contemporary Development Economics from Adam Smith to Amartya Sen, (Felix Raj & others), New Central Book Agency Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata, 2006.
Indian Economy – Economic Ideas, Development and Financial Reforms – Essays in honour of Prof. Raj Kumar Sen, (ed.), (2008), Deep and Deep Publications, New Delhi.
WTO and Asian Union – Ten Years of WTO, (ed.), Deep and Deep Publications, New Delhi.
Disinvestment in India – Trends, Problems and Prospects, (2012), Regal Publishers, New Delhi.
Discovery of Bengal: The Jesuit Design, (2014), The Goethals Indian Library and Research Society.
Indian Economy – A Visionary Perspective, (ed.) (2015), Regal Publishers, New Delhi.
Emerging Issues on Inclusive Growth, Business and Environment, (ed.) (2016), Regal Publishers, New Delhi.
Waves – Story Bank Published by St. Xavier's University, Kolkata Alumni Association, New Town, Kolkata.
Price: ₹ 400 or $ 20.
Tides- Story Bank Published by St. Xavier's University, Kolkata Alumni Association, New Town, Kolkata.

Development, Decentralisation And Democracy
published by Dasgupta and Company Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata

Selected Book Chapters:
“Christian – Marxist Dialogue in India" - Relevance of Christianity in India Today, JDV, Pune, 1984.
“Robert Antoine - The Indologist”, in Jesuit Presence in Indian History, AnandAmaladass(ed), Gujarat Sahitya Prakash, Anand, Gujarat.
“Kautilya and Thiruvalluvar: Economic Ideas”, Chapter 8 in Economics in Arthasastra (Ed.) Sen Raj Kumar and BasuRatanLal), Deep and Deep Publishers, New Delhi, Pp. 116 – 141.
“Economic Reforms and Disinvestments of Public Sector Enterprises in India”, Chapter 6 in Indian Economy – Economic Ideas, Development and Financial Reforms”, (ed.) Raj J Felix, Deep & Deep Publications, Delhi 2008, Pp. 68 – 100.
“WTO and Asia”, Chapter 59 in WTO and Asian Union – Ten Years of WTO “by Sen Raj Kumar and Raj John Felix (Ed.), Deep and Deep Publishers, Delhi, 2009, Pp.654 - 668.
“West Bengal at the Crossroads”, Chapter 47 in Modern Indian Economy – Essays in Memory of Professor Alak Ghosh by Sen Raj Kumar (Ed.), Deep and Deep Publishers, Delhi, 2010, Pp. 667 – 674.
“Father Gerard Beckets and the AICUF”, Chapter IV in Babu – His Life and Mission, by Fr. Albert Huart (Ed), Pp 79 – 93, GILRS, 30 Mother Teresa Sarani, Kolkata.
“Globalization and the Plight of Tribal Communities”, Indian Economic Development, Contemporary Issues, Bhattacharya, D. N. (Ed), Regal Publications, New Delhi, Pp. 263 – 281.
“Economic Reforms in India”, Chapter 4, Indian Economy – A Visionary Perspective (Ed), Regal Publications, New Delhi, Pp 51 – 62.
“Jesuit Contribution to Education in South Asia”, Chapter 5, in Jesuit Contribution to Nation Building in South Asia fromm the Nineteenth Century till Today, Leonard Fernando(Ed), Gujarat Sahityya Prakash, Anand, Gujarat, Pp.132-156.

"New National Education Policy 2020 for Higher Education - Old Wine in a New Bottle",

in Jesuit Initiatives in Indian Higher Education, Edited by Joan Dias, Savio Abreu, SJ, Keith D'Souza, SJ,

Heras Institute of Indian History and Culture, St. Xavier's College (Autonomous), Mumbai and Christian World Imprints, 2021,
Pp 223 – 231.


A Personal Tribute to Fr. Gaston Roberge, A Lasting Legend, in Legend of Our Time - Gaston Roberge, edited by P. J. Joseph, Chitrabani Kolkata, Vol. 1, Pp 7-14, ISBN: 978-93-5621-126-1


Jesuit Legacy and Education
in Ignatian Sparks-A road map for holistic education, St. Xavier's University, Kolkata, Pp 1-11, ISBN: 978-81-92096-86-5

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Governor of West Bengal, Shri M.K. Narayanan releasing Fr. Felix Raj’s Book in 2012 at SXCK

Indian Economy, A Visionary Perspective

Discovery of Bengal, The Jesuit Design

Disinvestment in India

Disinvestment in India