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Prayas – College to Village and Village to College :

Dr. Raj initiated Prayas (Effort) in January 2006. Prayas is a collective effort that inspires and involves the college, with its management, faculty and students to work together to bring education to villages. College students go to the villages and work with the village children; they conduct classes and extracurricular activities, surveys, camps etc.

Prayas is an effort aimed at bringing about the complete overall development of the students, both in the colleges and in the villages. Fr. Raj firmly believes that, "If colleges and villages meet, there will be a knowledge revolution.”

They also provide financial assistance to the very needy children to continue their education. This Project was awarded the Dr. P.S. Job Memorial Award for the most Innovative Educational effort for the year 2010–11 by AIACHE (All India Association for Christian Higher Education). The efforts bring about transformation in both, the College students as well as village children. The project continues under the umbrella of the Social Work department of the College.

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Father and his friend from USA withthe Gostamat village children

Village children performing a dance during a programme.