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The book, as the title indicates, attempts a critical assessment of the conceptual and empirical issues which fuel and refuel the locomotive of any modern vibrant democratic state, namely, development, decentralisation and democracy, more precisely, local deliberative democracy.

This book is available at:
Dasgupta and Company Pvt. Ltd.
54/3 College Street,
Kolkata - 700073

Buy it, sell it or gift it - but, definitely, read it!

This collection of stories will not only entertain you, but will also reveal to you the meaning of life. In the end, you will get a larger and wider perspective of life, of the world and the universe. You will understand why things happen or are meant to happen.

So, grab your copy of the book till stocks last. To help you 'realise' we are offering a special discount of 50% per copy of the book if bought directly from the Alumni Association of the University [Alumni Office St. Xavier's University, Kolkata Action Area IIIB, New Town Kolkata – 700 160. Contact person: Mr. Ashok Mondal Phone: 9874368901; 033-66249894].